Walking On Sunshine

Someone commented recently that she was trying to dress up for a board meeting but wound up tripping on her strappy beaded cork wedge sandals.

Were they something like this?


Because if so I have almost the same pair and I am telling you, girl, you just need to wear them once or twice and you’ll be running around as comfortable as can be. I wore mine the other day and walked across a loose gravel parking lot with no problem, went on two pastoral calls and did grocery shopping. My feet weren’t sore a bit at the end of the day. And if this meatball can say that, anyone can say that.

I alternate between sturdy flats and beautiful heels or wedges and I feel so much more pulled together in shoes with some height to them. I didn’t wear heels for about ten years — I thought I was too fat and they would hurt my knees or feet — until my friend Nathan, an actor, director and drag queen, (and quite a big girl himself) took me shopping a few years ago and said, “Girl, get you some HEELS, for God’s sake!” When I tried to demure, he said, “If I can wear them, so can you.”

He was so right. I was descending into frump more and more with each passing year, and it began with the shoes. I still have, and adore, the comfortable Nine West pumps we bought for me that day, and I can’t believe how easy it is to run around in them. But when I first got them I really had to practice a few times before wearing them to work. By now, darlings, they’re like sneakers.

A tip: if you’re not used to high heels, be sure to get something with a rubber sole or have them put on. There’s nothing to put a girl off heels like slipping in the hospital on the way to a visit.

If you want to step out in the new ballet slipper flats fashion, these will do nicely:


These, on the other hand, will not, unless you also think it would enhance your ministerial image to go about sucking on an enormous lollipop:

This flat shoe is just frumpy, my doves. It cannot be redeemed by cute skirts or snappy socks or anything. It is a Frumpy Flat:

These flats should be taken out and shot:
illegal shoe
(This one, from the Olive Oyl Coutour Line, particularly offends me as a human being)

But this, amidst the thousands of ugly flats being shown this season, has a bit of retro 80’s fun about it, and actually has a sense of style:


Walk with God, my friends. And when you’re getting out of the car or truck on Sunday mornings in heels and your knee-length skirt, for heaven’s sake be careful not to get into an “I see London, I see France” situation.

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  1. My chiropractor pointed out that it is not so good for one’s back and overall bones to wear heals. Of course, many do it and they are fine, but I figured better safe than sorry. I’ve been in flats for 5 years now and it is very doable, once you get used to it. I do love that ballet slippers are in. I’m stocking up in case they are out soon. Also, Peacebang, do you have any thoughts on the wicked witch of the west pointy shoes? Maybe you’ve covered this, but I’ve never been able to think that such pointy shoes are a good thing. Although they are (were?) quite in for a time….

  2. Elizabeth, I love pointy shoes. I have a pair that are absolutely ridiculous, right out of “The Wizard of Oz.” People giggle when they see them. I wear them with a suit and simple accessories and enjoy.
    I find a lot of shows from this season to bring me back to the early 80’s in a bad way: they look cheap and tawdry, and that goes for the pointy ones, too.

    As with everything, you have to try them on and factor in your wardrobe and your style. Pointy heels are damned elegant and always will be. I have a pair of gorgeous Bandolino heels with pointy toes and they look totally smashing with a pair of gently flared trousers. Take a look at seriously fashionable businesswomen in American cities. You’re going to see a LOT of pointy heeled pumps and boots. Too much with the ballerina slippers is way too cutesy for someone who wants to cultivate a professional image and be taken seriously. Would Madeline Albright wear ballet slippers? I don’t think so. Be sure to mix it up, and tell your chiropractor to shut up and crack your back already. Chriros are alarmists anyway. I think it’s worse for my back to slink around with low self-esteem than to stride around in heels now and then.

  3. OK, so I just bought a pair of these and have no clue how to tie them.

    I can’t make the “going up my leg” look work and so now I mostly wear them looped repeatedly around the ankle and with a bow, which looks pretty cute.

    BUt they always feel either way too loose or way too tight. Also, the straps are fabric and I’m stressing them more than I should.



    Ps. If you win the lottery, buy me these.

  4. $800 boots, CC?! I can’t help you with the tie-on shoes. Those things confuse me but I do think they look great.

    Peacebang, it’s 90 degrees in St. Louis. What am I going to wear?!

  5. I find I can’t wear a lot of the ballet flats because with that round toe they are too wide and just fall off my feet.

    Too bad, because since I’m over 6′ tall, height is not exactly something I need.

    What about kitten heels, PeaceBang??

  6. It’s 90 in St. Louis? Augh! Remind me to pack powder. But I STILL won’t bare my upper arms.

    Kitten heels are terrific. Blessings on them. I own several pairs.

    CC, listen carefully: lace up the shoe while standing, or you don’t get the best tightness on the laces.
    Cross first in front, making an X over the front of your foot. Cross carefully in the back, and tie to the side. If there’s enough lace, repeat.

  7. I haven’t worn heal in years because I am already taller than my husband and it makes me uncomfortable to loom over him.
    He says it doesn’t bother him at all..

    what do you think?

  8. I almost always cover my lower arms when its warm and especially if I’m outdoors: it keeps the sun off.

    Indeed, it seems most of the world has gotten this clue.

    And QG: I’m 6’4″ and routinely add another inch in height wearing shoes. I figure I was going to tower over most others as it is. We can’t all do the Sandy Shaw thing.

  9. It was me! It was me who said that I nearly tripped by upscaling my shoes to a wedge sandal on Board night. At the time, I said I’d tried to go “classy,” but now I admit that — due to the many rhinestones — they’re closer to “flashy”:


    (They were on sale for $17. And I am so embarrassed to say that I can’t figure out how to just put the picture in here….)

    As you can see, there is no strap to hold these suckers onto one’s heel or ankle, hence the tumble I took. But I’ll keep practicing, and will also continue to lift mine praise unto the starry realm of Target.

  10. Just stumbled across this blog for the first time – I love it!

    However, I’ve noted with some dismay that there is little or no fashion advice for those who must wear clergy collars most of the time…

  11. I say “Lord” and “Lordy Lordy” and “Lordamercy” ALL the time, too, so LORDAMERCY, girlfriend, I took your advice and found those glammy shoes you mentioned–you know the ones over the gravel and thru the pastoral care visits! Well, on a whim, I tried on a pair–I ended up with TWO pair and a 3rd pair of the espadrille variety. I wore em right out of the store; the espadrille ones, I plunked right outta the box and wore em to the Panama CIty Panama Gay Pride Parade (there was Miss Universe 02 with a pair almost JUST like yours and even though I’m old enough to be her grandmother, we were both just too darlin'”. I wore the 3rd pair outta the box to church the next day and afterwards for a meeting with the bishop’s wife and then the bish…on to shopping and a visit to a friend’s. My feet only hurt the last five minutes and my feet always hurt…too many years of toe shoes and Pappagallos and Charles Jourdans!…Thank you so very much. WIthout your suggestion, I’d never have even tried em on.

    BTW, if you want to try Night and Day, email Diane and she’ll send you a sample–lasts about a month.This goes for all ya’ll interested in good, safe skin care.


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