Alpaca Shawls

Here’s a link to alpaca shawls, which make me itchy but which might just be the thing for you to snazz up a simple outfit of a beautifully pressed white shirt and a simple skirt or trousers. I see it with big, FASHIONABLE chunky jewelry (not the crap you got at the church fair in 1978, and yes, I can tell the difference), and a small handbag. You can’t sling a big old purse over this. It won’t work, because you’ll just look like a deranged sherpa:

Now, I love what the model has done with the shawl. I want to know how to do that. If I knew how to do that, I would cover my horrendible upper arms with a light cotton shawl every day of the summer. Even in the swimming pool.

Of course you shouldn’t wear a midriff-bearing t-shirt like she’s wearing, or low-rise jeans. But the shawls are neat. You could wear one to the office for a meeting on the hottest days with a sleeveless shell underneath. But only if you have the flair and know-how to pull it off and don’t wind up looking like you came to church helplessly tangled in your bedsheets.

I don’t know if this company pays slave wages or anything. You’d have to ask.

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  1. Get the look by tying a square knot (like the first part of tying a sneaker) with the ends of the shawl in the small of your back.

    Note to the generously endowed: wear with caution!

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