Fresh and Young

I just found the most darling blush and lipstick and wanted to tell you about it:

The brand is Lola (slogan: Lust Often, Love Always) and the blush is just the softest pink I’ve found, and I’ve been looking for years. This is the kind of pink a pale-skinned girl wears when she wants to feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel who has just gone walking on the heath in a beautiful empire-waist dress. It doesn’t matter that in real life, she’s walking over to church to polish the Communion silver and to make Xerox copies of the order of service, she feels romantic anyway.

Lola powder blush in One Night Stand (not that PeaceBang condones such behavior, of course, she just likes the blush), which comes in the most adorable red compact with the most cunning little powder puff applicator! I’m sure a blush brush would work, too. You need a very light hand with this stuff, and it’s got to be blended like mad or you wind up looking eccentric rather than romantic, with two crazy clown apple cheeks.

If you’re into pale pink lipsticks — and I am, when a bit tan* and well-rested, as it looks great with a dramatic black eyeliner — Lola makes several and one of them is bound to work on you. I bought Tea Rose, and squealed when I found the mirror on the side of the lipstick case!

*by that I mean, “tan by the magic of Trish McEvoy bronzer” not “baked to a nice pre-cancerous condition by the actual sun”

PeaceBang Recommends:

Lola powder blush in One Night Stand
Lola lipstick in Tea Rose
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5 Replies to “Fresh and Young”

  1. Peacebang,

    This blog is something I really need. I definitely need an update in makeup and clothing. You inspired me to spend some time today looking at cosmetics counters, which is something I never do.

    Maybe next time I’ll actually get up the nerve to buy some of this stuff!

  2. Thanks for all the tips, PeaceBang. Such a service you do to the congregation-attending public! I have alerted all my clergy friends.

    Here’s my question. Almost anything from perfume to permanents that has a smell to most folk’s noses is intolerable to me. Like, for instance, the tanning moisturizer I just bought to get my winter legs in shape for a trip to the beach next week. Works so much better than the orange dye stuff of my childhood, but the smell…..

    Since some psycho put arsenic in makeup a few years back, companies have started really sealing up their products so one can’t determine how they smell. Could you add that comment to your recommendations?

    Thanks again, and have fun!

  3. Thanks to you both for posting comments! Anon, I remember reading something in the recent issue of “Allure” about an almost scentless self-tanner, and I will look into it. For now, I like the Dove moisturizers with a slight glow to them. You apply them every day and they build up a little bit of color. I agree with you that most of that stuff is naaaaz-tee. However, stinky as the initial application is, I much prefer it to pantyhose, and the smell does go away in half a day.

  4. Sophia, don’t be afraid to get a free make-over at one of the counters! Tell them that you want a vibrant, professional look and see what they do for you. Clinique is a good place to start, as they don’t tart anyone up at all. Elizabeth Arden is nice, too. You’re gorgeous and don’t need much; perhaps some brightening blush and sheer berry lips. Also, check the eyebrows!

  5. Dearest PeaceBang,

    I applaud your provision of beauty tips for your dear sisters (and brothers, too) in ministry.

    Because I am concerned for the health and safety of all our beautiful clergy, I offer you and your readers a link to this site:

    The Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” is a database of thousands of cosmetic products, evaluating the safety of products based on sound scientific research. Don’t ever be fooled by a label that says “natural” or “organic”. Cosmetic ingredients are not regulated by our government, thus companies are free to use ingredients that are linked to cancer and reproductive harm. For example, Ban deoderant is far safer than Jason Naturals.

    See also the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to get involved in changing regulatory laws. Europe just started regulating cosmetic safety–the US can too.

    Yours in faith, beauty, and health,
    Rev. Sarah in California

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